Bethany Tribune on the Announcement

Here is The Bethany Tribune’s coverage of the announcement.

Speaking to the Oklahoma Federation of Young Republicans State Convention

I addressed the state convention of the Oklahoma Federation of Young Republicans today.  I encouraged the attendees to continue to push their fresh ideas and perspectives into our Party’s conversation.  I reminded them that they’re not just the future, they’re the present.  And I talked about some of my own experiences as a Young Republican (standing outside Al Gore’s mansion in 2000 chanting “Get out of Cheney’s house” was one such memory).


















It was great to see everyone, and Rachel and I appreciated the hospitality very much.

City Sentinel on the Announcement

Here is the City Sentinel’s coverage.

The Friday Paper on the Announcement

The Friday Paper reports the announcement here.

Channel 9 Reports the Announcement

Here is Channel 9′s coverage of the announcement.

Kudos from The Journal Record

The Journal Record weighs in here: “I don’t know if Holt is the first to announce a candidacy using streaming video and social media, but it is definitely the first I have seen.  Bravo, Mr. Holt.”

The McCarville Report on Announcement

Here is the link.

The Oklahoman on Announcement

Here’s the link.

Okie Pundit on Announcement

Former State Rep. Thad Balkman weighs in here: “Holt’s vast experience in both local and national public service gives him a distinct advantage in this race.”

Announcement Day Visit to the Bethany Tribune

David, Barbara, Gloria and Nathan

One of the things I wanted to do on the day I announced was pay a visit to the Bethany Tribune.  The publisher, Gloria Quaid, is a former Putnam City School Board member, and my family has known her for many years.  She and her staff provide a very important public service.  As she said today, the Tribune is writing probably the only history that will ever be written for this community. 

So, I wanted to let them know how important I think they are in our community, and listen to their thoughts about the future of our state.  I spent a little over an hour this afternoon with Gloria, Barbara Anderson (a former Putnam City High School English teacher who taught with my dad), and Nathan Winfrey (no relation to Oprah) at the Tribune offices on 23rd Street.  It definitely won’t be our last such visit.

(Pictured: David, Barbara, Gloria and Nathan)

NewsOK Reports Announcement

Read Julie Bisbee’s blog entry here.

“How can I help?”

I won’t start every blog entry with a question, but this is another one I get a lot.  If this is a question you have, my first answer is “Thank you.”  It truly means a lot to me for people to want to give of themselves in this endeavor. 

There are several ways you can help. 

One is to donate .  Truly, anything is appreciated.  There are many expenses associated with a campaign, and having the funds necessary to get our message out is critical. 

The second way you can help is to volunteer.  This will become even more important as time passes.  As we get close to the election, we will need all hands on deck to succeed.  But there will be some volunteer opportunities even in the coming weeks.  I have worked and volunteered in campaigns, and it can be a lot of fun.  It’s real American democracy, and you know that you’re making a difference. 

The final way you can help is just to stay in touch by signing up to receive e-mail updates.  And then spread the good word.  Word of mouth in a campaign is as important as anything else.

Thank you for support.

“What in the world are you thinking?”

The title of my first blog entry is the question I am occasionally asked when I tell someone I am going to run for the State Senate.  Usually, it’s said jokingly, but one can detect a hint of true concern in the speaker’s voice.  I suppose public service has never seemed less attractive.  But for that reason, it has never been more important.

For me, the question is easy to handle.  I want to serve.  I think I can do some good.  And I want to give back to the community that has done so much for me.  That’s why this opportunity in 2010, to potentially represent the people and places that made me who I am, has been hard to ignore. 

I am truly thrilled at this opportunity, and I’m anxious to get started.   I look forward to walking the streets, visiting with old friends and neighbors, and listening to your ideas for the future of our state. 

Today, the day I have officially thrown my hat in the ring, is an important day, but this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Thank you for visiting the site, keep in touch ( over the course of the next year, and know that I appreciate your support very, very much.

David Holt Announces Run for State Senate at

Today, David Holt announced he is running for the State Senate in Oklahoma District 30.  More info can be found in the press release section or on the front page of