Bethany Ribbon Cuttings

I recently attended two Northwest Chamber ribbon cuttings in Bethany.  The first was at a new Falcone’s location on 39th.  And then later in the week and a little farther to the west, Southwestern Christian University opened its new adult education facility. 

Me at the Falcone's ribbon cutting

Me at the Falcone's ribbon cutting


Me at the SWCU ribbon cutting

Me at the SWCU ribbon cutting

The McCarville Report: “David Holt On The Verdict This Sunday”

McCarville Report on tomorrow’s Verdict appearance here.

The Verdict

David, Mayor Mick Cornett, and Kent Meyers

David, Mayor Mick Cornett, and Kent Meyers


David will be the guest this week on “The Verdict” with Mayor Mick Cornett and Kent Meyers, airing this Sunday, August 30 at 9 a.m. on Cox Channel 7 in Oklahoma City and Cox Channel 3 in Tulsa.  The show re-airs Monday at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday at 10 a.m., and Wednesday at 10 a.m.  David will be talking about his life, career and candidacy for the Oklahoma State Senate.

My Mayor

Mick Cornett, an old Putnam City guy and resident of the Thirtieth District, is a great leader for Oklahoma City.  And today he announced he is running for re-election as Mayor.   This is fantastic news for the City and the state.  Every day working with him has been a joy, and it’ll be great to be his and central Oklahoma’s partner at the State Capitol in 2010 and beyond.

Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs

Me at OCPA, flanked by Bill Price and Steve Byas

Me at OCPA, flanked by Bill Price and Steve Byas

 Today I spoke briefly about myself and our campaign at the meeting of conservative coalitions organized regularly by Brandon Dutcher of OCPA. 

Brandon is the frontal lobe of the Oklahoma conservative movement, serving as the focal point for a small army of researchers and theorists.  The meetings he organizes are patterned after the Grover Norquist Wednesday meetings in Washington, which I have attended before. 

It was a pleasure to listen to what fellow conservatives are thinking and doing, and also share some of my thoughts on the opportunities that lie ahead for our movement.  I really believe that 2010 is the year when the big ideas that OCPA talks about at 13th and Lincoln (such as constitutional reform), will begin to migrate 10 blocks to the north.  I know I’ll be a voice for those reforms.

If for some reason you’re not an OCPA follower, I recommend you check them out here.

Feature on David in Towntalk Magazine

Towntalk Magazine recently ran a feature on David and his campaign for State Senate.  It is here.

Holt for Senate Ad in the OFRW State Convention Program


Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women State Convention

ofrwAs I’ve said before, Republican women are the lifeblood of the Oklahoma GOP.  That’s why Rachel and I were honored to join the Oklahoma Federation of Republican Women for lunch today at their State Convention.

Lots of great Republican Women were there, like Jeannine Long, who I was happy to assist this past year as she secured the 2010 NFRW national board meeting in Oklahoma City.  Jeannine sits on that national board.  Also there today was State President Sara Jo Odom, Pam Pollard, Angie LaPlante, Phyllis Gorman, Dixie Galloway, Mary Jane Calvey, Debbie House, and many more.  I’m proud to be a donor and supporter of the OFRW. 

You can find out more about the OFRW here.

The Children’s Center

Me at the Children's Center.  You can see the new tornado safe room under construction in the background.

Me at the Children's Center. You can see the new tornado safe room under construction in the background.

The Children’s Center in Bethany is an incredible facility, and one of the premiere rehabilitative children’s hospitals in the country.  And no one walks through those doors without falling in love with the kids they take care of.

Rachel and I spent Saturday morning volunteering at their “Spin Your Wheels” bicycling event, which was a fundraiser benefiting the Center.  We worked the merchandise booth.

Albert Gray and his staff do an incredible job, they’re all fun people to be around, and they clearly have passion for their work.  If you’re ever looking for a good cause, I encourage you to get involved.  The Children’s Center web site can be found here.