Friday Paper: “Newcomer Holt Sets Fund Record”

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Okie Pundit: “Holt Tops $100,000 in Fundraising”

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McCarville Report: “Holt Tops $103,400 For Senate Campaign”

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Centennial Service at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene

centennialcelebrationRachel and I spent a joyous morning at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene, celebrating 100 years of that church’s service to Christ and the community, at a very special centennial service. 

Pastor David Busic reminded us that church is much more than a building, and the congregation made good on that by donating the day’s collections to charitable endeavors here and in Swaziland.

Congratulations and happy birthday to everyone at BFC, and thanks to all the folks who were so hospitable and welcoming this weekend, especially Pastor Busic and his wife Christi, Donna Lambertini, Kent Shellenberger, Stefanie Higgins (happy 26th birthday!), Ron and Gary Mercer, Randy Swanson, John Lunn and everyone at BFC.   And thanks (I think?) to LaNeale Robertson for whistling loud enough for 2,500 people to hear when I was introduced.

Centennial of Bethany First Church of the Nazarene

untitled3Today, the centennial celebration of Bethany First Church of the Nazarene kicked off with the unveiling of a special tile mosaic commissioned by the church and funded by private donors.  Bethany First Church has been a spiritual center for the Bethany community for 100 years now, and I was honored to attend the mosaic unveiling event this afternoon.   I’ll be back tomorrow for the special centennial worship service.  Congrats to Pastor David Busic and all the wonder people at Bethany First Church of the Nazarene!

Opening of Putnam City Schools Museum

The original school building

The original school building

Today I attended the grand opening of the Putnam City Schools Museum.  

Almost the entire 30th Senate District is part of the Putnam City School District.   I attended P.C. Schools from kindergarten through graduation, my dad taught in the schools for three decades, and my mom was a volunteer and education activist.  Now I serve on the PC Schools Foundation.   So, I guess you could say I’m pretty interested in our community’s school district.

The museum opening was a nice event, attended by many of the Putnam City class of 1959, celebrating their 50th anniversary this weekend.   The principals of my three alma maters (Wiley Post, Hefner and PC North) were in attendance, along with Supt. Paul Hurst.   Bethany Tribune publisher Gloria Quaid was a big part of making the museum a reality, along with James Shields, Mike Brake (who helped produce a historical video narrated by KTOK’s Reid Mullins, a PCHS grad), and all the members of the Museum Committee. 

Putnam City Schools have produced a lot of successful people, from Mick Cornett to Steve Largent, Sam Bradford to Glenn Coffee, Alvan Adams to Jimmy Marsden.  It’s neat to see a museum devoted to this rich history.

70th Birthday of the Northwest Chamber

logoThe Northwest Chamber celebrated its 70th birthday tonight with a party at the Chesapeake Boathouse.  The organization started as the Bethany Commercial Club in 1939 and became the Northwest Chamber in 2003.  I serve on the board and read a proclamation tonight declaring today “Northwest Chamber Day” in Oklahoma City.  Happy birthday!  Happy Northwest Chamber Day!

Reaching Our City

Me, Danny Thomason and Kevin Rodgers at ROC

Me, Danny Thomason and Kevin Rodgers at ROC

 I attended the Reaching Our City (ROC) 10th anniversary.  ROC’s Christian ministry and selfless service has helped many people in the 10th Street corridor, and far beyond.  Though ROC draws its support from all over the metro, there’s no doubt it is the hard work of many in the greater Bethany community that sustains it.   I’m proud to be a supporter.  If you want to learn more about ROC, visit their web site here.

Many thanks to Board President Danny Thomason and Executive Director Kevin Rodgers for their hospitality, and all that they do.

Jack Martin III

A nice story  in today’s Oklahoman on Bethany’s hero, Army Staff Sgt. Jack Martin, can be found here.


Drove a bus today as a “celebrity” (the term was used loosely) driver in the Oklahoma Transit Association “Roadeo” today down at the Bricktown Ballpark.   Bus drivers from around the state compete to be the best.  Not sure how many points I lost for hitting cones, but I think my time was strong.  I did the standard post-race driver interview with KKNG (“King Country”) afterwards.

Revive Ministries

I had the honor the other day to address a group of women from Revive Ministries.   Their purpose that day was to tour several OKC non-profit agencies that help the needy.  

As a conservative and a Christian, I strongly support the work of faith-based non-profits, and I believe that in general, they achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively than when government tries to do the same thing.

More information about Revive can be found here.

Rebuilding Together OKC

The Rebuilding Together Judging Team

The Rebuilding Together Judging Team

I spent part of Sunday serving as a judge for Rebuilding Together’s annual Construction Derby. 

Rebuilding Together is a non-profit that helps senior citizens make necessary repairs to their homes.   More info on this fine organization can be found here.

Rebuilding Together is a great example of a local non-profit that provides an important service to our community.

Army Staff Sgt. Jack M. Martin III

Army Staff Sgt. Jack Martin

Army Staff Sgt. Jack Martin

Bethany High School graduate Jack Martin was killed Tuesday by Islamic militants in the Philippines linked to al-Qaida.  Though I did not know Staff Sgt. Martin, words cannot express how grateful Rachel and I are for the sacrifice he was willing to make to keep us safe.   We are praying for his family.

Henry Bellmon

The Oklahoma Republican Party lost a legend this week – Former Governor and U.S. Senator Henry Bellmon.  We are thankful for his service to this state and our nation.   The way he always stayed close to his roots may be what I admire most about him.  Like hundreds of others, I went to the Capitol on Friday and paid my respects, as a grateful Oklahoman.