Week One

Week one in the Senate was a whirlwind.   It began with the swearing-in, followed by our leadership elections, where I was honored to join the Senate leadership team.  

Wednesday through Thursday was orientation with my fellow freshmen (there are nine of us, all Republican).   In the midst of that, I interviewed assistants, requested committees, and selected an office.  I picked last, but was just happy to be in the building.

Next up: moving-in, more preliminaries, and more studying.

The Oklahoman: “The Oklahoma City area’s two new senators are Republicans David Holt and Ralph Shortey”


The Oklahoman covers Senator Holt’s swearing-in here.

McCarville Report: “Senate Republicans Elect Leadership Team”

The coverage of Senator Holt’s election to Senate leadership can be found here.

Now It’s Really Official

My swearing-in in the Supreme Court chamber.

My swearing-in in the Supreme Court chamber.

Today, I was sworn-in to the Oklahoma Senate.   We did a ceremony in the Supreme Court chamber first, with about 60 family and friends, including my two predecessors, Howard Hendrick and Glenn Coffee.   Justice James Winchester administered the oath, and Father Joseph Alsay of St. Augustine Episcopal Church delivered the invocation.  Rachel, George and my father joined me for the oath, and Rachel held the Holt family Bible.  Then, we did it again with the full Senate, and George joined me on the floor of the Senate chamber.   Then, in the afternoon I was honored to join Senate leadership as the Majority Caucus Vice Chairman.   It was a great day!

Oklahoma State Chamber: “Meet Your New Senators”

The Oklahoma State Chamber introduces your new senators here.


You are invited you to join us this coming Tuesday, November 16th at 10 a.m. for my swearing-in ceremony in the Oklahoma Supreme Court chamber.  The full Senate will be sworn-in at 11 a.m. in the Senate chamber, but seating for that event is extremely limited, so we are holding this special swearing-in at 10 a.m. just for our friends, family and supporters.

The Supreme Court is located at the west end of the second floor of the State Capitol. If you have any questions, send me an e-mail at david@votedavidholt.com

We would love to see you if you can make it! Thank you for all your support! 

A Solemn Responsibility

state-flag-oklahomaTonight, in the latest exercise of our great American experiment, the voters of Oklahoma gave Republicans the keys to our state government.  Believe it or not, this has never happened before.  In a Senate and House that Democrats controlled for a century, Republicans now hold two-thirds majorities.  And for the first time in state history, Republicans hold those two chambers and the governor’s office simultaneously.  Additionally, whereas yesterday Democrats held all eight statewide offices outside of the Corporation Commission, Republicans now hold all eight, plus the three Corporation Commissioners.  This also means that eight executive positions, plus the Speaker and Senate Pro Tem, will all  be fresh faces.


I don’t point all of this out to be provocative to my Democratic and Independent friends.  I say it to remind my fellow Republicans of the solemn responsibility we have assumed.  Tonight, the voters have given their public servants a monumental task – reform, improve and steward Oklahoma’s state government.  They have also given us the tools to accomplish it.  We must seize this moment, and we must be bold.  But we must also remember that we are Oklahomans before we are partisans, and that the public trust must be earned every day, through honesty and hard work.   The next few months and years of this new political paradigm will be historic and thrilling, demanding and painful.   I promise the people of the 30th Senate District that I will do my part to rise to this occasion.   And I have every confidence that the public servants elected tonight will do the same.   That is what Oklahoma deserves, it is what she has asked for tonight, and we must deliver.



Election Day

I was 15 years old in 1994, when Oklahoma Republicans celebrated their best election in state history.   I stood just a few feet in front of Senator Inhofe and Governor Keating as they delivered their victory speeches at the Cowboy Hall of Fame.   Today, 16 years later, it is election day again in Oklahoma, and this one has every potential to surpass 1994.   We shall know in 19 hours…