Dedication of President George W. Bush Bridge

Rep. Sanders, Pres. Bush and I

This week, my family joined the family of Rep. Mike Sanders for a journey down to Dallas to dedicate the President George W. Bush Bridge that Mike and I got named in 2011.

As a former White House staffer to President Bush, it was a fantastic opportunity to see him in his Dallas offices and hear his thoughts on current events.   We had the opportunity to spend almost an hour with him.   It was especially nice to bring our kids, who will now have very special pictures for the rest of their lives.

Here is the press release on the visit.

Among the media outlets that reported on the visit, here is coverage from the McCarville Report, and here from KTUL Tulsa.

Senator David Holt TV Interview on Cutting the Oklahoma Income Tax

Senator David Holt was recently interviewed by SoonerPoll about cutting the Oklahoma income tax.   The interview can be viewed here.

Update on Transparency Legislation

Unfortunately, the transparency legislation proposed by Rep. Jason Murphey and me failed to get a vote in the House this past week, and is dead for the 2012 legislative session.    This is regrettable, but the effort must continue.   Here is an excellent editorial by The Oklahoman on this topic.


Associated Press Coverage of Senator Holt’s Transparency Bill

The Associated Press covers Senator David Holt’s transparency legislation with Rep. Jason Murphey here.

The Oklahoman Reports on Senator Holt’s Appearance at “Sunshine” Conference


The Oklahoman reports here on Senator David Holt’s appearance this weekend on a panel at the annual “Sunshine in government” conference.  He made remarks with Speaker of the House Kris Steele and Rep. Jason Murphey.

The Oklahoman Reports on Senator Holt’s Transparency Bill

Today, as “Sunshine Week” begins, The Oklahoman has coverage here on Senator David Holt’s bill with Rep. Jason Murphey to provide more transparency to the processes of the Oklahoma Legislature.

The Oklahoman Covers Passage of SHINE Bill

Senator David Holt’s bill to support the Oklahoma County SHINE program, and extend its success statewide, passed the Senate unanimously on Thursday.   The Oklahoman reports on the story here.

Edmond Sun: “Local state senators visit School for the Deaf”

The Edmond Sun reports here on Senator David Holt’s recent visit to the Oklahoma School for the Deaf.

The 2012 Legislative Session Progresses

Today, we start the second month of the four-month Oklahoma legislative session.

The first month, we considered bills in committees.   Now, we begin considering bills on the Senate floor.    Those bills that survive make the journey to the House for consideration.

I have several Senate bills coming to the Senate floor.    They are:

- A bill to ensure that sex offenders finish their requirements before leaving the sex offender registry, requested by the Fraternal Order of Police

- A bill to formalize in state law the outstanding SHINE program in Oklahoma County that forces convicted criminals to serve the community in productive ways

- A bill to allow “doggie day cares” in urban areas, a bill requested by the City of Oklahoma City

- A bill to ensure Bricktown’s continued growth as the state’s premier entertainment district

Hopefully, we’ll advance those, and then I’ll take on the task of pushing quite a few House bills for which I have agreed to serve as Senate author.   I am most excited about working with Rep. Jason Murphey to bring transparency to the Legislature.

Of course, we also have hundreds of other bills working their way through the system.   I am especially interested in making sure that income tax cuts are as aggressive as possible.   I’ll continue to keep you posted as the session progresses!   And always feel free to contact me at (405) 521-5636 or