Bethany Public Schools

Today, I visited the Bethany Public School District in the 30th Senate District of Oklahoma.   The Bethany district is one of the highest-performing in the state.  

Here I am with Superintendent Kent Shellenberger and School Board Chairman Nico Gomez.

The Oklahoma Union Problem Persists

Here is a nice oped in today’s Oklahoman. For the local perspective on this, the average total compensation for 2,000 government union employees working for Oklahoma City is $100,000. This is thanks to powers given to the unions by Gov. Walters and the Legislature in 1994. These powers are why Oklahoma was named the most anti-taxpayer state in the South last year by a national think tank. The Legislature has still done nothing to rectify this problem.

This affects you because money spent on huge salaries is money that can’t be spent on streets, water, utilities, parks, and more police officers.

The Choice We Face

Folks, you’re going to hear supporters of the status quo tell you for the next three months that Paul Ryan wants to take away your government benefits (specifically, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid). 
The reality, which is simple enough that I could almost fit it on Twitter, is that our federal government borrows 40 percent of what it spends every year. FORTY PERCENT. And over half of our federal government spending is on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid (what are usually called the “entitlement” programs).
Our ticking debt bomb is the only domestic challenge that could end American life as we know it. The mountain of debt that looms over us is an existential crisis. And you cannot address it without reforming the entitlement programs.
One ticket (Romney/Ryan) is offering leadership, ideas, and the maturity to acknowledge that we have to do something, and that it will be difficult for all of us, but far better than the alternative. One ticket (Obama/Biden) is offering to “tax the rich,” which would be a drop in the ocean, and they know it.
I am so thrilled that by choosing Rep. Ryan, Governor Romney has framed the election the way it should be framed. If we are to survive as the United States of America, we have to have this tough conversation, and Governor Romney has guaranteed that we will have it and that this election will truly be a referendum on our future.
If you want serious leaders with serious ideas to solve our serious problems, then Romney/Ryan is your ticket. Or, if you want to continue our debt-fueled party till its inevitable and disastrous conclusion, then you have that option, too.

While one ticket will spend the next three months running “Mediscare” commercials, one ticket will offer perhaps the last lifeline our country has left. Demand better. Vote Romney/Ryan on November 6th.

Paul Ryan for Vice President

There is much to like about Gov. Mitt Romney’s pick of Cong. Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential choice.

1. He’s young (42).

2. He’s an Okie by marriage, was married in OKC and spends a lot of time here.

3. Most importantly, he’s a serious man for a serious time. Unlike basically everyone else in Washington, he actually has ideas for addressing the existential debt crisis facing our nation. The debt is THE issue of our times. His selection means that Romney understands this, and we can have hope that at least one of the candidates will do something about it if elected.


The Holts

Here is a new family photo of myself, Rachel, George and Maggie that we took this summer…

My Letter in The Washington Post

The Obamacare ruling was disappointing, but the Court’s rejection of the Commerce Clause justification was very important for the future of federalism and the future of our country.  The fact that “the mandate” survived not as a mandate but only as a tax gives us hope that future power grabs by the federal government will be a lot more difficult.  This was a significant victory in the war for the 10th amendment, even if we lost the battle.  So imagine my pleasure this weekend when I got to correct The Washington Post, which apparently missed this memo.   See my letter to the editor here.

HB 2646

Here is some Oklahoman coverage of HB 2646, which was a bill I authored in the Senate to save tax dollars.

Tour of Great Plains Bottling

Late last week, I was able to take a tour of Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Company, which has been operating in OKC for almost a century, and employs 650 residents of our city.   

I really appreciated the hospitality and learning more about a major employer in our community.