Parent Trigger

Today, I did two interviews with KFOR in OKC about my proposal to pass a “parent trigger” law in Oklahoma, and State Superintendent Janet Barresi came out in favor of the idea.  Here is one of the pieces from KFOR.

Here is an endorsement of the idea from Brandon Dutcher of OCPA.

Here is also an informative piece from Ron Kessler of NewsMax and here is a piece from Fox News, both on the topic of “parent trigger” laws.

Won’t Back Down

Today, I announced that I will file “parent trigger” legislation before the 2013 legislative session.   More info can be found here.

And tonight, I saw a screening of “Won’t Back Down”, the new film that depicts a “parent trigger” law in action.

You know how at the end of “Waiting for ‘Superman’” part of you felt sort of hopeless and sad?  “Won’t Back Down” is the sequel that leaves you inspired and armed with the tools to do something.  I can’t judge the film on its cinematic excellence, but I can tell you it left me emotional, challenged and inspired.  If you have school-age kids, or you just care, please try to see “Won’t Back Down”.

And then help me get a parent trigger law passed in Oklahoma!


Rear Admiral Sean Pybus

Honored tonight to welcome Navy Seal and Rear Admiral Sean Pybus to the 30th Senate District of Oklahoma!

OKC Night Out

Tonight was the night for this year’s neighborhood “Night Out” parties all across Oklahoma City!  

Rachel, George, Maggie and I made it to the Windsor Forest, Crestwood, Shepard, Sequoyah and Cleveland neighborhood parties.  

Here’s George and I with Cleveland Neighborhood Association President Dan Martin.