Merry Christmas from the Holts!

David, Rachel, George and Maggie




Merry Christmas from the Holts – David, Rachel, George and Maggie! 





Senator David Holt in “If I Were Santa…”

This week, Senator David Holt told the Oklahoma Gazette what he would do if he were Santa.   Below is what he said, and here is a link to all of the answers in the Oklahoma Gazette.

State Sen. David Holt: “I’d give every American voter 15 minutes with Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson. Bowles was President Clinton’s chief of staff  and Simpson was a Republican U.S. senator. Together, they chaired the  National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. The recipients  of my gift will learn how overwhelming our $16 trillion national debt  is, how it will end American life as we know it, and how the only  solution is a universal sacrifice that must begin now and last decades.  This Christmas gift may sound akin to a pack of socks, but you’ll thank  me later.”

Electoral College

Signing the envelopes that contain our ballots.

Today, I joined six other Oklahomans in casting our state’s electoral votes for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.   We cast our votes in the Governor’s Blue Room in the presence of Governor Mary Fallin.   My predecessor in the Senate Glenn Coffee certified the ballots as Secretary of State.

This is the day that the 50 states and the District of Columbia cast our votes in our respective capitals, and together the Electoral College will officially choose the next President and Vice President of the United States. It is a great honor to represent Oklahoma in this capacity!

Here is some coverage from The Tulsa World.

Taxpayer Accountability

This week I was excited to be named by Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman as Vice Chair of the brand new Appropriations Subcommittee on Non-Appropriated Agencies, with Senator Patrick Anderson as Chair.

Here’s what that means in English:  In Oklahoma, only some of our state money is actually “appropriated”, meaning that the Legislature annually considers needs and passes a budget for those agencies. The other portion, which amounts to billions of dollars, is “non-appropriated,” meaning that it is spent by state agencies without legislative oversight, and therefore with virtually no accountability to the taxpayers. Our committee is charged with changing that.  It should be interesting!

Here is a KOKH Fox 25 report on the new subcommittee.

In the 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions, I will also be serving on the Education, Appropriations, Judiciary, and Public Safety committees.

Senator David Holt featured in Oklahoma Magazine

Oklahoma Magazine covers Senator David Holt’s welfare bill from the 2012 session here.

The Oklahoman: “State Sen. David Holt reflects on Putnam North roots in book discussion”

The Oklahoman covers Senator David Holt’s recent visit to his high school alma mater here.

Senator David Holt “Day in the Life”

Senator David Holt is featured in OKC Business News this month in the “Day in the Life” feature.   It can be read here.