George on the Radio

George makes his radio debut today on NPR affiliate KOSU, talking about his favorite band the Sugar Free Allstars and this weekend’s Wiggle Out Loud family music festival.   Oklahoma City is now a city of young families, and this is a great new event for them.    You can listen to the story here.

Oklahoma Constitution Names Senator David Holt “Top Conservative”

Oklahoma’s conservative newspaper The Oklahoma Constitution named Senator David Holt a “Top Conservative” for the 2013 legislative session.    Coverage can be found here.

Oklahoma Constitution: “Oklahomans to Enjoy Black Friday’ Sales Thanks to New Law”

The conservative Oklahoma Constitution newspaper covers Senator David Holt’s SB 550 here.

Special Session Announced

Governor Mary Fallin just called a special legislative session in September to consider tort reforms that were passed in 2009 and recently struck down by the Supreme Court on grounds that the Legislature at that time did not separate the bill into enough votes.    This special session will probably fall somewhere short of historic since all we are doing is passing legislation that was already passed four years ago.   But, it is necessary and important that we do this, because these reforms represented critical improvements to Oklahoma’s economic climate and they need to be reinstated as soon as possible.

There are some costs to a special session, but for whatever it’s worth to my constituents, those costs aren’t caused by us.   I don’t receive per diem, I have declined mileage reimbursements since I took office, and my assistant and I receive the same salary whether we go into special session or not.   And we’ll be there on September 3rd ready to do the people’s business again!

Japanese Cranes for Oklahoma

Today, my high school friend Candice Goodner was in Oklahoma City to see the 3,000 paper cranes that she and her Japanese friends sent to communicate sympathy and comfort to Oklahomans shaken by the tragedy of the May tornadoes.

Several media outlets covered Candice’s visit.   Here is coverage from KFOR and The Oklahoman.