Oklahoman: “Lawmakers should support Holt’s effort”

The Oklahoman editorialized this week in favor of Senator David Holt’s legislation to make law enforcement dash cam videos a public record.   The editorial can be read here.

Oklahoman: “Legislator reads to children at Myriad Gardens”

The Oklahoman has coverage of Senator David Holt’s recent visit to the Myriad Gardens.  You can read about it here.

Senator David Holt Op-Ed on Pension Reform

This week, OKC Friday ran an op-ed by Senator David Holt regarding pension reform.   It can be read here:

Now is the time to address pension reform
By Senator David Holt
Though I could fill OKC Friday with the things that the Legislature should be doing, it is hard to argue that any single issue is more pressing or consequential than pension reform.
Like many government agencies and private employers around the nation, Oklahoma made promises to its state employees about retirement that have turned out to be difficult to keep. Across half a dozen pension plans that the state administers, the funding gap exceeds $11 billion. To put that into perspective, that is the equivalent of 2/3 of the state government’s total expenditures in a given year.
The shortfall has its foundations in unrealistic investment assumptions, overly generous retirement ages, and policymakers who sacrificed long term solvency to score political points.
The shortfall means that promises made to state employees in the past may not be kept, with repercussions that will harm taxpayers.
The primary solution is to transition new hires from defined benefits to defined contributions. This means that instead of promising benefits that are untethered from revenue realities, new state employees will retire on the money they place into retirement accounts. Employees will also enjoy the portability of such accounts.
This is clearly the right thing to do for the taxpayers, existing employees and future employees. And momentum is building to finally address this issue in 2014. But as with many issues, an alternate reality can take hold at the State Capitol, and the right thing can fall victim to pressure from interest groups.
State employee groups are already organizing against reforms, even though failure to reform means insolvency and broken promises. We as legislators should not bow down to such pressure. We were elected to solve problems, and the solutions to this problem have become clear. I commend Fridayland legislator Randy McDaniel for working this issue for several years now, and I stand ready to support him and the taxpayers of Oklahoma. The 2014 legislative session is the time to address pension reform, before it is too late.

Senator David Holt Announces New Tax Cut Proposal

Every year he has been in the Legislature, Senator David Holt has introduced a tax cut proposal.   To date, the Republican government elected in 2010 has still not enacted a reduction in the Oklahoma income tax rate.   This week, joined by members of the House and Senate, Senator Holt introduced SB 1849, which proposes to lower the state’s income tax rate to 4.0 percent within four years.

The press release can be read here.

A statement of support from OCPA Impact can be read here.

An endorsement by Grover Norquist can be viewed here.

An endorsement from Americans for Tax Reform can be viewed here.

Here is media coverage of the announcement:


Associated Press

The Oklahoman

McCarville Report


Tulsa World Coverage of Senator Holt’s Transparency Bill

Today, the Tulsa World has coverage of Senator David Holt’s legislation to make Highway Patrol dash cam videos a public record.   You can read the story here.

KFOR Coverage of Senator Holt’s Latest Transparency Bill

KFOR had coverage today on Senator David Holt’s bill to make Highway Patrol dash cam videos a public record.   The story can be viewed here.

Reading at the Myriad Gardens


I really enjoyed reading to kids today (including ours) at the Myriad Gardens!   Thanks to the Gardens for all they do for our community!

Senator David Holt to read to kids January 15th at the Myriad Gardens

Join Senator David Holt at the Myriad Gardens on January 15th for reading and crafts activities for kids ages 2-5.   For more info, click here.

KWTV: Senator David Holt a “rising young star”


Patrick McGuigan, appearing on KWTV, calls Senator David Holt a “rising young star” among conservatives around the 5:00 mark of this video.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year from the Holts!


(from left to right – Rachel, George, David and Maggie; on the home court of the Oklahoma City Thunder at Chesapeake Arena)