Senator Holt talks about cities on OETA

Senator David Holt appears in a recent piece from “Oklahoma News Report” on OETA talking about the growing influence and effectiveness of city governments.   Senator Holt was a firsthand observer of the Oklahoma City renaissance during five years as chief of staff to the mayor.  The OETA piece can be watched here.

Our Crisis of Voter Apathy

I’ve been growing increasingly concerned as I watch falling voter turnout around the country.
Turnout for the all-important GOP runoff for Oklahoma City’s next U.S. House member dropped 30 percent from the same situation four years ago.  This is happening all over.  We need to start talking about falling voter turnout like the crisis that it is.  If we continue to check out, this experiment will fail.
Policymakers, media and voters all have a role to play in addressing our crisis of civic participation. Elections need to be streamlined and more accessible, media needs to cover civic life again, and citizens have to step up.

Here’s a report this week from KOCO-TV where I talk about these issues.