Senator Holt’s Friday Column

The Friday Paper published Senator David Holt’s first occasional column this week.   Here is the text:

Tax Cuts, Binding Arbitration Top Holt’s Agenda

by David Holt, State Senator, District 30

February 25, 2010

First of all, I want to thank you for the honor of representing you in the Oklahoma Senate.   Second, I want to thank Friday for this opportunity to communicate a few things happening in your name at your State Capitol, where a new era is dawning in 2011.

As you read this, both houses are completing their initial committee work.  As a member of Education, Rules, Transportation, the Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, and as the Vice Chair of Business and Commerce, I have been voting on bills in those areas.

I have also been pushing my own legislation.   Two of my favorite bills address tax cuts (S.B. 70) and the repeal of binding arbitration (S.B. 826).  

Regarding tax cuts, I believe there is an urgency now to schedule more reductions in the Oklahoma income tax rate, as we are less than a year from implementing the final tax cut on the books.  

Regarding binding arbitration, this union-created process has been the law of the state for 17 years.   It shifts the power to make local tax dollar decisions away from you and your representatives and towards an out-of-state attorney.   My bill shifts the power back where it belongs.

Meanwhile, we have begun the process of redistricting.   We recently received the initial numbers.    The Oklahoma City metro grew 14 percent, outpacing the state and nation.  As Vice Chair of the Redistricting Committee, responsible for Central Oklahoma, I will be directly involved in this process.

Finally, good governance begins at the local level, and so I will leave you with this – I am proud to endorse Pat Ryan and Meg Salyer for their re-election to the Oklahoma City Council.   They are two people of great character and competence, and I strongly urge you to support their continued public service on Tuesday, March 1st.

If you ever need anything, or have an opinion to share, simply contact me through the information that appears on this editorial page every week.   Thank you again for the honor of serving our community.

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