Sen. David Holt introduces measures to fund $10,000 teacher pay raise

(January 19, 2017)


Judiciary Committee hears testimony on eyewitness misidentification and wrongful convictions

(October 11, 2016)


Improved state budget savings plan heads to Governor

(May 26, 2016)


Sen. Holt’s bill to criminalize “revenge porn” heads to the Governor’s desk

(April 28, 2016)


Civil asset forfeiture reform proposal signed into law

(April 28, 2016)


Senate passes “common sense compromise” to address REAL ID issue

(March 9, 2016)


Sen. Holt’s “revenge porn” bill passes full Senate

(March 9, 2016)


Senate passes Holt legislation to avoid future budget shortfalls

(March 7, 2016)


Senator Holt’s “revenge porn” bill headed to Senate floor

(February 24, 2016)


"American Ninja Warrior” coming to Oklahoma State Capitol

(February 19, 2016)


Sen. Holt proposes $10,000 teacher pay raise, introduces package to implement without tax increase

(January 21, 2016)


Citing revenue crisis, Sen. Holt urges long-term budget reforms

(January 19, 2016)


Senator Holt hails 2015 election reforms

(June 8, 2015)


Legislature sends police body cam legislation to Governor’s desk

(May 21, 2015)


Oklahoma’s First African American State Senator recognized on 50th anniversary

(May 11, 2015)


Senate honors state workers impacted by the Oklahoma City Bombing

(April 16, 2015)


Full Senate Passes Sen. Holt’s Election Proposals

(March 12, 2015)


Sen. Holt’s election proposals advance

(February 25, 2015)


Sen. Holt introduces bold package of election reforms to boost voter turnout

(January 21, 2015)


New laws on transparency, domestic violence take effect November 1

(October 30, 2014)


Governor signs dash cam video bill

(May 14, 2014)


Gov. Fallin signs major transparency legislation

(May 14, 2014)


Senate advances domestic violence measure

(April 22, 2014)


Bill requiring updated photos of offenders becomes law

(April 8, 2014)


Holt receives Sunshine Award

(March 15, 2014)


Bills promoting greater transparency clear Senate; Holt’s measures include dash-cam bill and legislation strengthening open meetings law

(March 11, 2014)


Painting of acclaimed Oklahoma author Ralph Ellison will inspire future generations

(March 6, 2014)


Senate and House Lawmakers Introduce Bold Tax Cut Plan

(January 17, 2014)


New law taking effect Nov. 1 brings Oklahomans their first true ‘Black Friday’ sales

(October 29, 2013)


Oklahomans to enjoy ‘Black Friday’ sales and lower prices thanks to new law

(June 10, 2013)


Senate Passes Legislation to Lower Prices for Oklahomans

(March 6, 2013)


Senate approves “Parent Empowerment Act”

(March 6, 2013)


Senate Education Committee Passes “Parent Empowerment Act”

(February 27, 2013)


Senate Committee Advances “Spring Cleaning Commission” to Repeal Obsolete Laws

(February 20, 2013)


Senate takes first step to bring lower prices to Oklahomans

(February 14, 2013)


Senator David Holt Introduces Legislation to Make “Black Friday” Sales Legal in Oklahoma

(January 24, 2013)


Senators Holt and Shumate Introduce Bipartisan “Parent Empowerment Act”

(January 22, 2013)


Senate Republicans Elect Leadership Team

(November 14, 2012)


Senator David Holt to Introduce “Parent Trigger” Legislation

(September 24, 2012)


Senate commemorates Centennial of Thorpe’s Olympics performances, Oklahoma’s Olympic past, present and future

(May 15, 2012)


Holt’s community service legislation heads to Governor’s desk

(May 1, 2012)


Sen. David Holt and Rep. Mike Sanders Dedicate Oklahoma Bridge Name with President George W. Bush

(March 26, 2012)


Senators Introduce “Laffer Plan” to Phase-Out Income Tax

(January 19, 2012)


Sen. Holt files bills to bring Legislature under Open Meetings and Open Records Acts

(January 18, 2012)


OCU President Robert Henry and Senator David Holt to Teach Honors Class

(November 10, 2011)


Senator Holt calls Oklahoma's anti-taxpayer ranking a “wake-up call”

(September 28, 2011)


Senator Holt praises completion of Route 66 signage project

(August 18, 2011)


Senator Holt says push for binding arbitration reform will continue

(April 28, 2011)


Bill naming Red River Bridge for Pres. Bush heads to Governor

(April 25, 2011)


Legislation moving 2012 presidential primary heads to Governor

(April 25, 2011)


Legislation to Improve Accountability of Registered Sex Offenders Headed to Governor

(March 31, 2011)


Sen. Holt calls on unions to stop exploiting OKC Bombing in TV ad

(March 24, 2011)


Senate Approves Binding Arbitration Reform Bill

(March 10, 2011)


Senate Approves Bill Naming Red River Bridge for Pres. Bush

(March 1, 2011)


Bill Moving Presidential Primary Clears Senate

(March 1, 2011)


New Poll Shows Support for Sen. Holt's Tax Cut Bill

(February 11, 2011)


Senator Holt Calls for Repeal of 'Binding Arbitration'

(January 21, 2011)


Senator David Holt Introduces Bill to Further Cut Income Tax

(December 22, 2010)


David Holt for Senate Campaign Announces "One of Us" Team

(March 23, 2010)


David Holt's State Senate Campaign Tops $100,000 in Fundraising

(October 26, 2009)

Holt Reports Raising Over $55,000 for State Senate Race

(July 27, 2009)


Holt Announces Bid for State Senate Seat

(June 2, 2009)